Take Me Home. Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

The Dimple™Black Hole. Magnets For Your Oil Filter.

Our Dimple Black Hole oil filter magnets attach to the outside of the oil filter canister in a random position around the centre of the oil filter body. The oil enters the oil filter body from the outer diameter holes as usual and then, when the oil flows through the oil filter the Dimple Black Hole Filter Magnets immediately suck any trace of ferrous metal particles out of the oil, before it even has a chance to hit the filter media!

This keeps the media clear of excessive particles and the oil filter will have more room to store other non ferrous junk. When you change the oil filter at service time, simply remove the 4 Black Holes and put them on your new oil filter. The Dimple Black Hole Oil Filter Magnets are a product for life.

New set of 4 Dimple black holes
New set of 4 Dimple black holes

Our Dimple® Super Magnetic Drain Plugs and Oil Filter magnets work all the time, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, they never stop protecting your engine, quite amazing when you think about it! Dimple Oil Filter Magnets



All one price. £19.99 Per set of 4. (Click to see these on our webshop)
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