Take Me Home. Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

The New Dimple SS. (Super Seal)

This is the FIRST improvement in drain plug design in 100 years! It won't back out and it won't leak. Guaranteed.

The DimpleĀ® SS plugs combine the high integrity of a metal-to-metal seal with an O Ring as a back up seal.

  1. Won't back out.

  2. Effective in vibration, temperature variation and pressure spike situations.

  3. No chemical sealant required.

  4. Reseals repeatedly without loss of effectiveness.

  5. Does not need replacement gaskets.


Product Gallery. (More coming soon!)
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  • M12 x 1.25 "Superseal"
    M12 x 1.25 "Superseal". It wont leak, or back out, ever.
  • M12 x 1.5 "Superseal"
    M12 x 1.5 "Superseal". It wont leak, or back out, ever.
  • M20 x 1.5 "Superseal"
    M20 x 1.50 "Superseal". It wont leak, or back out, ever.
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