Take Me Home. Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

Why Are Our Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs The Best?

As with all products on the market, there are good and there are bad. So how does our product differ from the competition? Why pay a higher price? Read on to find out...

Well first of all you have to study the competitors magnet grade and temperature rating.

Make no mistake... High quality magnets are extremely expensive. (Hence the cost of a quality loudspeaker) We use the worlds most powerful type neodymium and state so in our adverts.

Anyone using a magnet like this would be proud to say so as they are by far the most expensive part of the drain plug. A magnets grading is its pedigree. Ours are graded 45MGH.

Don't forget, some magnets struggle to even hold their own weight when stuck to steel. its reasonably safe to assume that anyone not stating the magnets grading is unlikely to be using a very high grade, otherwise why not advertise the products biggest selling point?

Most people don't realise that all magnets lose their magnetism as they get hot. The temperature they do this at varies from one grade to another, but the important thing to note with automotive use is that you use a grade high enough that it doesn't lose its magnetism in hot oil, which can be up to 140 Deg C.

Surely the competition wouldn't use the very cheap low temperature ones that lose magnetism above 79 Degrees C would they? Sure they do...

Ours are of course the high temperature magnets that keep on attracting metal right up to in excess of 180 Degrees C. This is absolutely critical.


Then you must study the competitors build material carefully. Is It alloy or Steel?

When the heat is on and your getting the oil hot, aluminium expands more than steel.
Manufacturers using aluminium bungs have a tendency to press the fragile magnet into the hole as this is the cheapest way to fix it!

It is entirely possible for the magnet to work its way out into the engine and then attach itself to the sump pan or some other ferrous metal. A con rod? Yes, we have seen it happen!

Aluminium also has the tendency to distort if not tightened very carefully, not to mention how easy it is to round off.

Steel has a natural attraction to magnets, a marriage made in heaven!

When the Dimpleā„¢ brand magnets are hand assembled and inserted into the machined hole, they want to stay there and you with your bare hands would have a heck of a time getting the magnet out. We don't stop there though, a proprietary high temperature 2 part epoxy is used to fuse the magnet in place forever, leaving no doubt about it ever coming out.

Even if you came from the planet Krypton you could not get this magnet back out.

Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs


Buying a cheap aluminium bung is false economy if you need a new one every other oil change because of damage. Finally, Have you ever tried to remove a stubborn bung made of aluminium? Enough said...