Take Me Home. Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

Two Practical Demonstration Videos To Show The Magnetic Power of Our Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs.

The first video I would like to show you is a demonstration I setup to visualise what will actually happen in your engine or gearbox when metal particles come into the magnets proximity. Please watch it, I think you will be amazed when you see the power of these Dimple magnetic oil drain plugs! Give it a click, its under 2mins long!

The Second video was created in order to give you some idea how much more powerful our magnetic oil drain plug is, compared to some of the inferior competition out there. It's a very simple test showing weight being hung off the magnets. Give it a click, its under 2mins long!


I would like to mention that when we make reference to "Cheaper" magnets, we actually mean "Inferior" magnets and are not implying that all products cheaper than ours are definitely of worse quality.
Just all the ones we have ever seen...

Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs