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Technical Information On Our Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

The Dimple™ Drain plug magnets keep on attracting metal particles @ 45MGO's (magnetic strength) to in excess of 180 Degrees C.
A regular grade N neodymium looses magnetism at 79 Degrees C and often dumps all the swarf back into the oil! (What use is that in your engine?)
Each Dimple™ Drain plug will have the magnet secured using the finest 2 part resins available. They will not drop out and rattle around your engine like other cheaper products!
The Dimple™ super drain plug is of all steel construction and delivered with re-usable solid copper gaskets. (Non SS versions)
These plugs are recommended by the society of automotive engineers (S.A.E) and are fitted by many high end car and motorcycle manufacturers including such names as Suzuki and Porsche.

Our magnets are made especially for us by contract to ensure we always deliver what we claim. The strongest high temperature grade neodymium magnets in the world.

A Dimple® specified magnet will last a long, long time. The formula for figuring out how long your Dimple® Magnet will last is this: Our magnets degrade 1/2 of 1% every one hundred years!

Do You Need More Proof We Are Better Than The Rest? Then read On...

Our magnetic drain plug was independently tested under laboratory conditions against an O.E. Harley Davidson product.
Please click here to view the results in PDF format.

Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs