Take Me Home. Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

Welcome To Europe's Premier Magnetic Drain Plug Supplier & The Sole Importer Of Dimple Products.

Magnetic oil drain plugs have always been one of the best ways to trap and remove microscopic metal particles from an engines lubricating oil almost since the combustion engine was conceived.

Sadly, these magnetic oil drain plugs have been dropped in more recent years due to the relatively high manufacturing cost of magnets that are powerful enough to do the job we need them to do.

This has led to a sudden influx of cheap, alloy magnetic oil drain plugs from the far east. They look good and make big promises, but sadly, small, cheap magnets simply will not do the job, regardless of what our competition would have you believe. In fact, they could actually shorten your engines life!
(See technical section for more details on why this is...)

The Dimpleā„¢ magnetic drain plugs that we supply are the strongest high temperature magnetised drain plugs available in the world today, period. These magnets are the cure for your diseased engine and transmission oils because you can now effectively remove those tiny particles of metal from your oil and have peace of mind that your engine will last longer, maybe a lot longer.

Our magnets are made especially for us, under contract, to ensure we always deliver what we claim.

As a once in the car's lifetime buy, a drain plug of this quality will soon pay for itself in reduced engine wear and can possibly be transferred to your next car so any difference in cost when compared with cheap imitations will be very quickly forgotten. Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs



These plugs are recommended by the society of automotive engineers (S.A.E) and are fitted by many high end car and motorcycle manufacturers including such names as Suzuki and Porsche.